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Digital Content: Are You Doing What is Best For Your Brand?

Today, more brand led digital content needs to move away from socially driven entertainment to a more of a value add for consumers.    Why?  Because online content is increasing yet the number of consumers remain relatively the same.   In order for a brand to break through online, you still need to use the same marketing fundamentals that have always worked.  Listening to your consumer, considering their needs and desires, and understanding how your brand delivers on these should always be at the root of everything you do.

One might argue that because online content is increasing, the need for entertaining content is necessary because it might help break through the digital clutter.  This may be true for some things, but is it true for your brand?  Is the humorous video that you created and are promoting in Facebook credible to your brand and relevant to your consumer? Consumers often look to their mobile device or tablet for entertainment, but sometimes this might be best left for television shows or music videos.

One brand based digital initiative that I witnessed during my time at L’Oreal was the Dermablend “Go Beyond the Cover” campaign,”and it was a entertaining success.  The video which can be seen at was provocative and compelling.  I will point out, however, that this video was tied to consumer insight.  It had a reason for being beyond entertainment.  The video was creative, but it also alleviated the concerns of the target market of corrective makeup — that it works and looks natural.

When consumers begin to think about making a purchase, the internet is very often a place for research.  A place to compare, and contrast, and learn about the options.  Have you spent time with your consumer to truly understand their desires and expectations to create a digital content plan to help them in their purchasing journey?  It would be wise for brand marketers to shift from not only interruptive forms of online content to types of engagement that deliver on consumer needs.

I would love to see more marketers become comfortable and deliberate in their digital efforts.  After all, digital is an increasingly important channel in the consumer journey.   Digital can be entertaining, but for the best results it should also acknowledge your consumer’s desires and expectations for your brand.

Claire Lundin
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