The Unfinished Sentence | Leadership Team
The Unfinished Sentence in a marketing strategy consultancy which combines humanistic psychology and marketing expertise for deeper insights and stronger solutions.
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At every stage we work with you to clarify the marketing opportunity and to illuminate paths you may not have yet considered.
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“Claire & Mark are seasoned veterans with a modern approach to consumer insights & strategy. Claire’s experience and curiosity ensures the brand gets to the consumer truths. Mark’s empathy and deep understanding of humanity ensures that findings are genuine, tangible, and grounded. Better and more quickly than other methods, TheUnfinished Sentence gets to what matters most, the why.” – Constance DeCherney, head of strategy + planning, TDA_Boulder

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Mark is a creative thinker, a join-all-the-dots conceptualist and a seasoned strategist.

Humanistic PsychologistBrand Strategist

Claire’s strength lies in her ability to form creative and transformative marketing solutions.

Experienced Business ExecutiveMarketing Strategist